Spark Access Certification

Get certified to work with Spark aligners in just a few days,

and join the technological revolution of the most advanced aligners and learn with doctors Diego Peydro and Iván Malagón.

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With this course you will…


Know how to start working with Spark


Understand that Spark does not limit your movements, that they are more aesthetic aligners…


You will learn from the best, doctors Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro, who actively participate with Spark to improve and update their protocols.


Is this course official?

Of course it is. Once you have completed the Spark Access Certification, we will notify the Ormco team so that you can start working with Spark.

Is it live or recorded?

It is recorded, so you can watch it whenever you want.

There are 10 lessons. How long is each lesson?

Approximately 30 minutes.

How long will it take for the Ormco team to give me access?

It’s pretty instant.

Some of it, yes, of course. Let’s say this is a first step towards studying Spark Coipmethod online, a programme with much more content.

It’s pretty instant.


For the Coip Experts-Level 3 in Madrid: December 13-15

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