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Join the membership and discuss your clinical cases with Dr. Diego Peydro and Dr. Iván Malagón, and other doctors who share the same concerns as you.

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What are the benefits of joining the COIP Community?

Transform your understanding of clear aligners and achieve greater personal and professional success


We are Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro and together we have created COIP, an academy for clear aligners, where we will show all our of our protocols WITHOUT holding anything back. Throughout these years, we have trained more than 8,000 doctors and we have seen how many of them have managed to improve both personally and professionally.

With our membership, we have decided to create the first exclusive community on clear aligners, with the aim of showing other doctors that there are NO LIMITS, when planning a clinical case.

More than 8,000 doctors have been trained by Dr. Diego Peydro and Dr. Iván Malagón

“I have not only improved my protocols with clear aligners, Diego and Iván have helped me to regain my enthusiasm for the profession and to want to be a better professional every day”

“In COIP Community I have found a family to support me, to talk about my clinical cases and to exchange opinions with professionals, who have extensive knowledge about orthodontics”

“I have taken all the COIP courses and Ivan and Diego never cease to amaze with their clinical cases. Being in this membership allows me to stay up to date and continue to learn from them”

“An easy way to keep up to date with all the latest news about clear aligners, and a support for work. The colleagues who are part of COIP Community and Drs. Peydro and Malagón are always there to help from their experience”.

What does COIP Community membership include?

2 group mentoring sessions with Drs. Iván Diego

During these mentoring sessions you will be able to ask questions, raise the cases that come to your office and you have trouble solving, and get support from your colleagues

Exclusive WhatsApp group

You will join a WhatsApp group in which you will be able to interact with Drs Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro and with the rest of the colleagues

Discounts on COIP Courses

You will have discounts on COIP courses given by Dr. Diego Peydro and Dr. Iván Malagón

VIP meetings with the Drs.

During the COIP events you will be able to meet Drs. Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro to have a more ‘face to face’ discussion with them

How do I know if this membership is for me?

It won’t be a fit if…

It will be a perfect fit if…

COIP Community

It’s the place to be, if you want to keep up to date and surround yourself with only the best of the best

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